Ashes, urns & keepsakes

A final resting place or commemoration for cremated remains

How you remember your loved one is important. Some people have a very definite preference for how they wish their cremated remains to be treated, and therefore leave clear instructions. Others have not given it so much thought, and so you will need to make that choice.

We appreciate that it can be difficult to decide on the final resting place for cremated remains, and that this is something that you may wish to discuss with family and friends. There are, today, a greater number of options, so we are pleased to offer some of these for your consideration.

Burial of ashes

Having cremated remains interred is ideal if you wish to have a location to visit and to remember. You may already have a family plot, in which several containers of cremated remains can be placed. In a churchyard, cemetery or woodland burial ground, an application to inter ashes must be made. We can make the arrangements for you. The strewing of ashes is not permitted in a churchyard, so they must be interred in an urn or casket. We have a wide range for you to choose from.

In most Gardens of Remembrance, you can purchase a plot or vault as a final resting place, with other options such as a commemorative tree or rose plant. We can give advice on these options, and can especially recommend the Lexden Garden of Remembrance, a tranquil location in the grounds of St Leonard’s Church, Colchester.


If you choose to inter your loved one’s ashes, you may wish to have a memorial to commemorate them, and to visit on significant occasions in future. Our own stonemasonry department can provide expert advice and they offer a large range of memorials suitable for churchyards, cemeteries and woodland burial grounds.

If you choose to lay the ashes to rest in an existing burial plot, our stonemasons can assist with renovation and restoration of an established memorial, and add a further commemorative inscription.

Scattering at a crematorium

You may choose to have the ashes scattered in the Garden of Rest at the crematorium where the funeral was conducted. You can choose to attend this, or the crematorium staff can scatter the ashes for you without your attendance, if that is more convenient. They offer a range of options for commemoration, including a rose tree, vault or plaque for remembrance. Your funeral arranger can explain this to you.

At home

Many people draw comfort from keeping ashes with them at home. There is now a wide range of very beautiful containers to choose from if this is what you decide. We will place the remains in your chosen container. Each of our branches has displays and brochures to help you choose, and you can also view our brochure online. You can either arrange to collect the remains from us, or ask us to deliver them to your home.

This is also an excellent option if you are not sure what to do ultimately, and wish to take more time to decide. If you have their ashes in your care, you are less likely to forget to make a fitting choice of your loved one’s final resting place.


The possibilities for more alternative commemorations and long-lasting keepsakes are wide and varied. These range from more colourful caskets and those made from biodegradable leaf materials, to jewellery, and even fireworks.

We are pleased to work with a number of partners to provide an outstanding range of choices of keepsake. Our wide range includes stunningly beautiful ceramic or glass urns, which resemble vases, paperweights, or ornaments, which will enhance your interior design. We also offer a selection of biodegradable leaf containers in a range of elegant shapes which provide a softer alternative to the traditional urn. In addition, we provide the increasingly popular option to take a small amount of your loved one’s cremated remains and incorporate them into Life Gems jewellery items, such as rings and lockets, to be kept close to the heart.

Ashes into Glass

A charming option for preserving ashes in a decorative fashion is Ashes into Glass. A small amount of commemorative ash is incorporated into newly created, strikingly beautiful jewellery in a variety of shapes and colours resembling cabochon jewels. This stunning range includes a selection of lasting treasures; rings, pendants, cufflinks, earrings, charm beads and paperweights. You can download the brochure and explore this enchanting range here.

Ashes into fireworks

For the ultimate celebration of a person’s life and achievements, a more unusual option is to send them skywards in a spectacular firework. You can choose to send part or all of their ashes to light up the night sky, while you celebrate and say farewell. Our trusted partner, Dynamic Fireworks, is very experienced in this. Please ask your funeral arranger to explain this option to you.

Scattering at sea

For those with a love of all things nautical, we offer a personalised service for the scattering of ashes at sea. We can provide a motor cruiser with captain and crew for hire for this purpose. Ashes can be strewn from the stern of the boat, or we can provide a selection of biodegradable containers to commit the complete ashes to the water.

Scatter tubes

If you have been asked to scatter ashes in a specific location, you should check that there are no local regulations forbidding this. For some places, such as a golf course or football ground, you must gain permission in advance. However as cremated remains are hygienic and pose no threat to wildlife or plants, a discreet scattering in a favourite location such as a public beauty spot is often possible. We can offer a range of urns and scattering tubes to contain ashes prior to scattering. Your funeral adviser will be happy to explain your options.


We can arrange for cremated remains to be sent onwards, to any destination in the UK or overseas. We can also arrange interment at the final destination on your behalf. If the cremated remains are to be sent abroad, there will be legal formalities to be completed. We can advise and guide you through this process and arrange the appropriate transportation.

Contact us

Here to help

If you wish to choose any of these options, we will help you to make all the arrangements through our trusted partners. We are happy to explain everything clearly to you and to help you to choose a final resting place, keepsake or commemoration that brings you the most comfort.

While you make your decision, cremated remains can either be taken home, or, if you prefer, they can be held in our Sanctuary. If you already have ashes at home following a cremation elsewhere, or with a different funeral director, please do get in touch as we will be very pleased to help you with this final decision. Once your decision has been made, we are more than happy to assist you with any arrangements and formalities.

We do recommend that you make your choice within a few months, as it is important that your loved one is honoured appropriately. We advise against leaving ashes with us indefinitely. Although we store cremated remains very carefully, a long delay can result in not commemorating that special person’s memory as you, or they, would wish.

Please remember, we’re here to offer any help and advice that you need.