Headstones and memorials additional inscriptions and restoration

When a second or third family member dies and they or their cremated remains are interred in the same grave, relatives often wish to  commemorate this with an additional inscription on an existing headstone. We are happy to help with this, even if we did not supply the original headstone.

Over time, some memorials will suffer due to the effects of weather, temperature or simply the passage of the years. In some circumstances, ground disturbance can cause damage too. Sadly, vandalism can also occasionally be a problem in churchyards and cemeteries, so we provide a repair service following deliberate damage.

To contact us for help and advice, please call 01206 794747, email memorials@hunnaball.co.uk or talk to your funeral arranger.

Additional inscriptions

It is a very normal practice to inter close relatives, particularly spouses and their children, in the same plot. In these cases, it is usual to wish to add the details of the second or third person to the existing memorial following their funeral.

When an additional inscription is needed on an existing memorial, our masons will carefully remove the memorial and transport it to our workshops, where our team can work on it. If required, they will carefully clean and re-colour the existing inscription, before adding the new one. The additional inscription will then be engraved and coloured to match the original as closely as possible, giving a fully co-ordinated appearance when viewed in the future.

In some cases, there is not sufficient room to add a new inscription, but we can solve this problem by refacing the headstone. This involves removing the top 3mm or so of the surface of the headstone to create a new clean surface. We then engrave this new surface with both the original and the new inscriptions. If need be, we can leave sufficient room for a further inscription at some point in the future.

Once the new inscription has been completed to your specifications, our masons will return the stone to its original location. It will then be securely placed back into position according to the standard set by the National Association of Memorial Masons.

Our team are experienced at working on stones of differing ages and origins, whether they originate from our workshop or not. Please talk to your funeral arranger or memorial advisor and feel free to ask any questions that you might have.

We are here to help you at every stage.


We offer a full restoration service to return an older memorial to its former glory, so that it can once again serve as a fitting tribute. Occasionally, a new gravestone might have to be commissioned, but most can be brought back to an excellent condition, thanks to the skills of our team. Older memorials can be restored to their former beauty by careful cleaning and sanding. Intricate designs can be re-worked to show their original detail and inscriptions re-engraved or re-leaded.

Sometimes an older stone might need to be reinstalled more securely, and we are well versed at doing this so that it will remain firmly in place well into the future.

The memorial does not need to have been originally created or installed by us; we are more than happy to give our specialist attention to any headstone, no matter which stonemason you may have used in the past. Please speak to your funeral arranger, or you are welcome to talk directly to one of our memorial advisors, who will be able to explain to you the various options for expert restoration.


Sadly, attacks of vandalism are not restricted to grand or elaborate memorials. Often the simplest family stones can be a target of malicious attacks. Unfortunately, memorials can also suffer accidental damage, due to unexpected ground movement, or the unintentional misuse of maintenance equipment in cemeteries and churchyards.

While it is impossible to prevent this distressing possibility, Stoneguard 05 Insurance can ensure that, even if it is impossible to foresee and prevent, any damage can be quickly rectified. Please call us on 01206 794747 to discuss memorial insurance.

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