Churchyard memorials in Essex and Suffolk

Following a bereavement, there is much to do to arrange a fitting tribute. The final element in remembering and honouring the deceased is often the creation of a suitable headstone or memorial. Following a traditional church-based funeral, a burial will often be carried out in the churchyard.

We provide a range of headstones suitable for churchyards in a choice of materials, including granite, Nabresina and yorkstone. A headstone is a classic form of memorial, consisting of an upright stone on a base made of the same material.

The headstone is set in place using an anchor which keeps it upright over time. It is important to allow the ground to settle after a burial, usually for about six months. If it is installed too soon after the funeral, the ground may shift, causing the stone to topple. Until sufficient time has passed to erect a headstone, a simple wooden cross will be placed on the grave to carry the details of the deceased.

Choosing a churchyard headstone

There are restrictions in shapes and finishes of headstones and memorials in churchyards. Some locations are stricter than others, particularly in regard to shape, and the guidelines must be followed. You will have a choice of stone, font, inscription and other details, which will combine to create a truly individual memorial, but this will be from a more limited range than for a cemetery. The inscription usually includes the name, date of birth and death, and often a tribute, or bible verse. You can also add a simple illustration, such as a single spray of flowers, a dove, or a cross.

Budget Memorials

We understand that a permanent memorial is a considered purchase and, in the current climate, it can be difficult to afford for some people. With this in mind, we also offer a budget option. This is a honed mid grey headstone with a ‘camber’ top.  

Cost: £699.00 INCL. VAT This price excludes disbursements such as churchyard fees, but does include fitting in accordance with the NAMM regulations.  

Also included is an inscription of up to 60 cut and enamelled silver letters. If additional letters are required these can be provided at an additional cost of £2.20 per letter. No illustration or decorative design is available with our budget option.  

For any other type of memorial please refer to our brochures, or feel free to discuss your options with our memorial advisers, or your funeral arranger. We also provide a budget option for use in cemeteries.

One option that you will not be able to choose is what is known as a full kerbset. This is a memorial which has a stone kerb outlining the grave, in addition to the headstone. These are now permitted in cemeteries, but not in churchyards. Although, in many churchyards, you may see kerbsets from earlier generations, these have not been permitted in churchyards for some years, so you will need to choose a headstone suitable for a churchyard location.

We will be pleased to guide you through your choices, ensuring that you stay within the church guidelines.

View our brochures online, or you may prefer to request a copy to read through at home. Please note that, even in the churchyard sections, some local churches may not allow all the styles illustrated. Our team will be able to advise you what is permitted at your local church.

For help and advice, please call us on 01206 794747, email or talk to your funeral arranger.

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