Pet memorials in Essex and Suffolk

For so many of us a pet is truly one of the family, and their loss can be heart-breaking. When a beloved pet dies, you may not be able to hold a funeral in the traditional sense, but you can consider creating a permanent memorial in the form of a headstone or monument. In recognition of the significance of this kind of loss, we have developed a range of pet memorials to commemorate our almost human friends, helping to keep happy memories of them with you.

Few people choose a pet cemetery as their treasured companion’s final resting place, many more choosing to inter them or their ashes at home in their garden. To help make this special, we are able to create memorials for your beloved pet to be placed in your own garden.

The boulders vary in shape, size and colour and can be engraved with the name of your pet and perhaps a short sentiment or design. These are created by our stonemasonry team, with the same care, attention and professionalism as they give to our human clients.

If you choose to have your beloved pet cremated, you may wish to scatter their ashes, or to keep them at home with you, or inter their ashes in your own garden. We have a range of suitable containers for cremated remains of any kind, which you may wish to consider. We have a dedicated page for ashes, urns and keepsakes which you can view here.

Please call us on 01206 794747 or email to discuss the options for remembering your pet in this way.