Planning ahead

In recent times, we have seen first hand how uncertain the future can be. For some people, talking about or planning for your own death is not a comfortable thought, but for many more, the idea of planning ahead brings its own sense of security. There are several ways in which you can plan ahead and take some control of your future.

Your funeral wishes

Many of us have some idea of what we would or would not like to happen at our funeral. When people have allowed time to prepare their thoughts, they often express a preference for donations rather than flowers, or for mourners to wear bright colours rather than sombre clothing. Many have favourite songs or readings that they would like to be used.

The best time to discuss these things is usually well before they are needed, and it is helpful to write your wishes down. Our helpful checklist, Your Funeral Wishes, has been designed to help individuals and families to make their wishes known, and can be downloaded here.

How to talk about death

If you have decided to plan ahead for your own funeral, you will probably want to let your family or friends know that you have made a note of your choices. However, it can be difficult to know how to start that kind of conversation. If that is how you feel, you may be interested in our short leaflet, Let’s Talk About Death, which you can download here.

Pre-paid funeral plans

One of the most efficient ways of planning ahead is to pay for your funeral well before you need it, by taking out a pre-paid funeral plan. This allows you to budget for the vast majority of your funeral expenses at today’s prices, even though you may have many more life filled years yet to enjoy. As well as ensuring that your funeral is arranged in the way you prefer, it also lifts a great deal of the burden of both decisions and cost for your loved ones.

We have more information about this on our dedicated pre-paid funeral plans page.