Cremation memorials in Essex and Suffolk

Cremations are increasingly popular, and this now includes the option of a direct cremation, which many more people are choosing. Many choose cremation over a burial so that their ashes can be scattered in a favourite location, but this doesn’t suit everyone. Whether the cremation follows a
traditional funeral, or is conducted via a direct route without a formal service, you still have the option of having the cremated remains interred and installing a lasting memorial. This provides somewhere to visit, contemplate and remember, whenever you choose, in the coming years.

The choices in churchyards are far more limited compared with the range of shapes and styles allowed in cemeteries. Our team will be happy to advise and guide you, so please speak to your memorial advisor or funeral arranger to begin the process of selecting a lasting memorial.

Cremation Headstones

Cremation memorials are similar to those used after burials, but are typically smaller headstones, with a base made of the same material, created specifically for the interment of cremated remains. You will have a wide choice of materials, lettering styles, shapes and finishes, and other details which allow a great deal of personalisation.

Cremation desks and tablets

An alternative to the cremation headstone, cremation tablets are increasingly popular. Rather than an upright headstone, these are horizontally configured and can take the form of a flat tablet, a sloping desk, or even an open book. These are available in a selection of shapes and designs which can be inscribed with name, dates and brief tribute.

These can also incorporate a vase for holding flowers.

After interment, it may be necessary to allow time for the ground to settle so that the stone can be securely installed. During this time, you will be able to explore the many options you have and make informed decisions to create a memorial which most aptly reflects the person. Your memorial adviser will be more than happy to work with you to help select the options that best suit your taste, and to ensure that you stay within the parameters permitted, especially in churchyards.

Cremation memorials for babies and children

We are mindful that the loss of a child is devastating, and a memorial is often a huge comfort to parents and the wider family and friends. If you have opted for a cremation for your precious baby or child, you will wish to have a suitable memorial that reflects their tender years. We take great care in helping families to choose a lasting memorial to a child, selecting materials, colours, emblems and quotes which help to reflect the loss of such a young life.

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Please note: many local churches exclude some of the shapes which are shown in the churchyard sections.

Please check with us before making your selection.

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