Headstones in Essex & Suffolk

Our most popular headstone shapes are show below, but many other variations are available. If you
have something specific in mind, or wish to create something more unusual and individual, please
ask your adviser, who will be pleased to discuss what might or might not possible. We will always do
everything we can to make your concept a reality.

All our headstones are created by our own team. Our clients often discuss their requirements initially with their funeral arranger, or they are very welcome to contact our memorials team directly. Even if the funeral for the person you have lost was with someone other than us, or was quite some time ago, you are more than welcome to come to us for your choice of headstone.

Choosing a headstone

Creating a headstone involves a number of decisions about the overall look, including the wording, colour, type of material, shape, finish and choice of lettering. There are so many choices, you will be able to make a truly individual lasting memorial to the person you  wish to commemorate. At Hunnaball Memorials, our own stonemasons will translate your choices into a unique tribute to your loved one.

Following a burial or interment of ashes, the ground should be given time to settle, so it will be some months before you can erect a headstone as a memorial. During this time, a simple commemorative grave marker will bear the name and dates of the deceased, until a permanent monument can be installed. This ‘settling’ period also gives you plenty of time to explore the possibilities and discuss your choices with a Hunnaball Family Funeral Group memorial adviser.

There are a number of stone varieties to choose from, such as limestone, granite and marble. All our stone is of highest quality and each individual headstone is created with meticulous care by our own stonemasons, based at our in-house workshop on the Essex/Suffolk border.

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