Pre-paid Funeral Plans

Pre-paid funerals allow the advance planning of a funeral, whilst paying the costs in advance at today’s prices.

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Why choose a funeral plan?

• Financial security
• Value for money
• Reduce the burden to the family
• Assurance that personal wishes are carried out

Pre-paid plan costs

Through Golden Charter, we offer fully bespoke pre-paid funeral plans; the funds being held in a separate trust, managed by independent trustees.

The pre-paid funeral plans we offer are competitively priced whilst maintaining true flexibility. All pre-paid funeral plans can be cancelled, amended and are transferable should you move to a new area. They offer a full choice of nominated funeral director and have a number of ways to spread the payments.

Fully guaranteed funeral plans available.

We have a long history with Golden Charter and work closely with their team.

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Financial security

All monies paid towards a plan are placed in a fully protected trust fund or a life assurance policy.

Value for money

Having a plan provides protection against the rising costs of funerals and offers a range of ways to pay.

Reduce the burden on the family

You choose the funeral you want. Relieves the pressure at a stressful time for loved ones, as it eases your family of worries and uncertainty at a difficult time.

Assurance that personal wishes are carried out

We’ve learned that as no two people are the same, no two funerals are either. We’ll take the time to understand your wishes and tailor a plan to suit you exactly.

Bespoke pre-paid funeral

We offer a fully bespoke pre-paid funeral service and can offer a fully itemised estimate of all charges after a simple discussion to understand your personal needs and the elements you wish to consider for your funeral plan.

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