Our team

Hunnaball Family Funeral Group has been one of the leading funeral directors in Essex and Suffolk for over three decades, serving the deceased, their families and friends.

Many skilled and compassionate people make up the funeral director’s team. If your loved one has died at home, your first point of contact might be with our First Response Team. For many people, their first point of contact with us is when they meet their funeral arranger. This is the person who will support you throughout the funeral arranging process.

On the day of the funeral, you will meet the funeral director who will conduct the funeral. They are also known as the funeral conductor. We can provide both male and female funeral directors, so please let us know if you have a preference. Our entire team work together to ensure that the funeral to commemorate your loved one is dignified, respectful and truly reflective of them.

Funeral arrangers

Your funeral arranger will be your guide through every aspect of arranging the funeral. Chosen for their compassion, experience and efficiency, their task is to listen carefully to your wishes and to help you plan a funeral which will honour and reflect your friend or family member.

The funeral arranger’s role is to liaise with the person organising the funeral on behalf of the family and friends of the deceased, while other members of our team ensure that your loved one is expertly and very respectfully cared for until the funeral is over.

Your funeral arranger will guide you through your choice of burial or cremation, time and venue of ceremony, coffin, celebrant, transport, flowers, donations, stationery, and all the many aspects of the funeral that will help to make it special and commemorative. They will advise you on what usually happens at a funeral, and help you to carry out any more unusual wishes. If something that you would like is not possible, perhaps because of a legal regulation, they will explain this to you carefully.

Funeral arrangers understand that every detail can make a huge difference to how you remember the day of the funeral, and how well cared for you feel. They never mind how many questions you wish to ask and will always do their very best to carry out your wishes to the letter.

Please contact your local branch so we can introduce you to your funeral arranger.

On the day of the funeral, you will also meet one of our experienced funeral conductors; funeral directors who will oversee and ensure the dignified smooth running of the funeral.

Gentlemen funeral directors

Our gentlemen are professional funeral directors with a strong sense of tradition and family values. Trevor Hunnaball leads the way in setting the standards and style of our gentlemen funeral directors.

Traditional values

Our male funeral directors are always immaculately attired in traditional morning dress, and they conduct funerals with calm authority. Their comforting presence puts everyone at ease, and you can be assured that everything on the day of the funeral will run smoothly with their professional expertise and guidance.

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Lady funeral directors

As one of the first lady funeral directors in the area, Melanie Hunnaball brought a new dimension to the traditional role. She established a unique team of ‘Ladies in Hats’, who are renowned for their professionalism, elegance and compassion, bringing a gentle touch to funerals.

A woman’s understanding

Our female funeral directors are available at every branch, and they will officiate on the day with calm sensitivity and feminine grace.  They are always assisted by their male colleagues, and will ensure the smooth running of all the arrangements.

“The ladies added a sense of grace and elegance on a day charged with emotion, and all the special little touches were much appreciated by our family.”

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Our support team

You may meet several more of our team. We know that you will find them to be kind, sensitive and caring. On the day of the funeral, you might meet our drivers and our pall bearers who will ensure a safe and dignified final journey for your loved one. We often receive compliments about how well they look after our clients.

Behind the scenes are also the team members that you might not meet, who also help to complete the total care that we painstakingly provide. Some of our team perform the sensitive task of caring for the deceased, while others prepare coffins, create wonderful lasting memorials, or manage our logistics and administration. They all help to ensure that everything happens efficiently and according to plan. We’re very proud of the total care they provide and the high standards to which they all adhere.

Together, we make up the Hunnaball work family.