The end of an era

The reputation for compassion and professionalism that the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group enjoy is built upon the hard work and dedication of the people who work with us. That is certainly true for Janet Davies who, we are sad to say, is retiring on 31st March 2022 after many years as a funeral director. The Hunnaball family and the Hunnaball work family will miss her very much… but the families she has served with such care and devotion will miss her even more.

She has built a thoroughly deserved reputation in Essex and Suffolk as one of the best funeral directors there is. She has been a trailblazer as a woman funeral director, one of our first ‘Ladies in Hats’, trained many different people to work in the funeral industry, encouraged celebrants and clergy, and been an active part of the community.

Building her legacy

When she came to the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group nearly 20 years ago, she quickly showed herself to be the epitome of compassion and professionalism that we value so highly. And when she opened the branches of Janet C Davies, in both Braintree and Kelvedon, as a valued part of the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, they were quickly established within their communities as places where grieving families could find complete professionalism with a caring heart.

We could write more, but would really simply like to say, “Thank you so much, Janet. It has been our pleasure to work with you and we will miss you very much. You have helped a great many people during their toughest times, taught us a great deal, and we hope you have a restful and joy-filled retirement.

“With love from Trevor, Melanie, Saul, Chris, Polly, Jennie, Zena, Joe and your entire work family.”

We will leave the rest to Janet herself, who wrote the following…

When it’s time to let go…

“After 34 years working in the funeral profession, I’ve decided to ‘hang up my hat’. An extremely difficult decision. My work has been my life, a vocation, and a blessing. On 31st March 2022 I will become a ‘Lady of Leisure’, which is, I’m told by those who are there already, even busier than work.

“The offices in Kelvedon and Braintree will continue to trade under the name of Janet C Davies, as part of the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, with the same faithful and committed ladies and their team of dedicated gentlemen working tirelessly behind the scenes.

“During my long career, I’ve encountered many situations that have changed my entire outlook on life. Dying makes life suddenly very real, and drawing alongside those who are grieving and in need is the only constructive way to help them. As a funeral director, all I can do is try to help and comfort the wounded, the battered and the broken, and it has been a deeply personal experience that I’ve found to be both wonderful and challenging, and I’m very grateful for every opportunity I’ve had.

Thank you

“I would like to sincerely thank so many people that I’ve cared for during my many years of funeral directing. They shared both their sorrows and hopes with me, and truly enriched my life. I owe them all so much and consider it to have been a privilege.

“I would also like to thank the Hunnaball family, and the many colleagues, clergy, celebrants, and professionals I’ve had the privilege to work with. All of them have given me opportunities and taught me things that have helped me enormously and, more importantly, helped the grieving people we have supported together.

“Working so closely with grief each day has given me a deeper understanding of bereavement. It has been both exhausting and rewarding, and the most important skill I’ve learned is to listen, without prejudice or judgment, and to know when words are not necessary. I consider it to be the privilege of my life to have been able to support people in their grief.

“And as I begin my life as a retiree, you all remain in my thoughts and prayers.