The 23rd March 2021 is the first anniversary of the first COVID national lockdown, and it will be marked as a National Day of Reflection.

Our friends at Marie Curie are asking us all to mark the day by doing three very simple things. Reflect, Connect, and Support.

Reflect – At noon on Tuesday 23rd March, observe a minute of silence, wherever you are. Reflect on what has happened in the last year and think about those who have been affected by this awful pandemic. If you are a person of faith, lift a prayer. You might also like to light a candle at 8pm and put it in your window, as a way to share your contemplation with other people.

Connect – Make the time and effort on Tuesday to reach out to someone who you know who is going through bereavement. Let them know that they are not alone. Perhaps you could send flowers or a card. You could simply give them a call and make a connection.

Support – In this time of social distancing, it is hard to show support in a way that is responsible and safe. Marie Curie suggest making a poster to put up in your window, so the people walking by will see a visible symbol of your support. Lighting a candle at 8pm and putting it in the window will also give a visible sign to share with others.

Whatever happens, and whatever your circumstances, we would ask that you join us in finding some way to mark the National Day of Remembrance.

Please join the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group as we remember those who are grieving from the events of the last twelve months. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. And follow the link to Marie Curie and find out more