I’ve spent a lot of time blogging about the past during my 65th year in the funeral industry, but what about the future?


When we started our company in 1983, email was only used in universities and computers were rare in small businesses. Today, with the advent of the internet, it’s unthinkable that we will ever return to the way things were… and thank goodness for that.

As a business, the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group is looking at ways for new technologies to help us as we help our clients. We’ve been working for a number of years on the accessibility and clarity of our website and are looking at apps and digital solutions in our branches and logistics. However, we’re very concerned to makes sure that any changes in technology we make are to improve the care we offer to grieving families and their friends.


One of the most welcome changes of recent years, as far as I’m concerned, is involvement by government agencies in raising standards in the funeral industry. The Competition and Marketing Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority in our industry has caused a number of challenges in recent years, but it’s helping to build a better and clearer future for everyone.

Industry legislation and training means that practices and pricing are clearer than ever, and pre-paid funeral plans secure. Companies like ours, who take their responsibility to their clients incredibly seriously, can now work even more effectively.

Growing services

New areas of the funeral industry are growing, to offer more choice to clients. Direct cremations, pre-paid funeral plans, keepsakes, custom made coffins, and even fireworks. The sky is, quite literally, the limit. We believe that anything that will help those who are left behind to celebrate, honour, and grieve for their loved ones can only help. We are here to help.

Bright future

It seems a little odd to say, but the future of the funeral industry, and the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group in particular, is bright. 2023 marks 40 years since we started our family business and I ‘ve been delighted to oversee growth across Essex and Suffolk built on excellent service, compassion, and professionalism. I’m even more delighted that our business is in the hands of our amazing children and our work family. They carry the same culture of compassion and professionalism as Melanie and me. They care about our clients, staff, and the people who have died and come into our care, just as much as we do. The future is bright.