We think of ourselves as one family helping another during some of the most challenging times any family will face. We want to give families the very best care and support we can, and a part of that is to offer them choices to help make the funeral service for their loved one special to them, their family, and their friends. We partner with a number of businesses to help us give more choice to those we serve; before, during, and after the funeral service itself.

Sow with Love is one of those businesses. Company founder, Lisa Bass, offers families bespoke packets of flower seeds to be sown in memory of their loved one.

Lisa writes;

“When I lost my own father, I wanted to do something different to give my family and friends the opportunity to remember him in a special way. After all, he was a special man. But I couldn’t find what I was looking for and, after doing some research, I put together individual packets of flower seeds in his memory to give to everyone who came to the funeral. I thought that they could all sow the seeds in his memory and remember him every time they saw the flowers bloom.

“It worked really well and my idea was so well received that I decided it was something that might help other families in their time of grief. So, I set up my business, Sow with Love, to provide families with unique packets of seed to use at the funeral of their loved one and help them remember and commemorate in this special way.

“The seeds are usually chosen by families because the flowers were a favourite of their loved one, and each packet is personalised. They can be different colours and decorated with ribbons and in other ways too. The outside of each packet is printed with an appropriate wording, to make them unique to the situation and remind everyone of the person they are remembering. Often, the family choose a phrase which was a favourite and will remind everyone of the person they are meeting together to remember and commemorate.

“For me, it’s really important that the choice of seed, packet, decoration, and wording is completely up to the family. Then we can help them remember the happy times on their difficult day and enjoy their special memories as their lives go on.”

To find out more about Sow with Love, you can talk to your funeral arranger, visit Lisa’s Facebook page @sowwithlove, or email her on info@sowwithlove.co.uk