As I write my seasonal message for 2022, I can’t help but acknowledge that life is challenging at the moment for many people all over the world. Perhaps we thought the end of the pandemic might see things improve, but we face a difficult winter and 2023 is full of unknowns, from food prices to fuel crisis.

But, as we begin a new year, I think I want to dwell, not on fears, but on thankfulness.

Be thankful…

If my work in the funeral industry teaches me anything it’s to make the most of every moment. Be thankful for what you have and live each moment to the full.

At this time of year, we all miss the people who are no longer with us, but we also need to take the time to enjoy the people around us. To be thankful for memories and for moment. There are so many things we should be thankful for, so let’s take the time to do it.

… for family

I’m very thankful to be able to work with my family. We are genuinely a family business, and I can’t say often enough how, even with the inevitable frustrations, I am grateful for them. To share my work and passion with Melanie, Saul, Chris, Polly, Jennie, Zena, Joe, and others is something I am very thankful for.

I’m aware too that there are people who do not have a family to be thankful for, so my thoughts go out to them. But I have seen over a lifetime that family is not simply about blood relations, but about shared values and experience. It’s why I am also deeply thankful for the work family with whom I share my life.

… for our work family

The work we do isn’t simply about the day of the funeral. There are so many details that need to be taken care of when a person dies, and our work family do every bit of it with compassion, skill, and professionalism. They’re also a joy to work with.

Because of their hard work, the grieving families and friends of the people we take into our care can be sure that their loved one is in the very best hands and that everything will run smoothly. As a result, they can say goodbye properly and begin the process of grief.

… to be able to help

In my work, I help people. Our clients and their loved ones are most often going through difficult times when they meet us, and we, at the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, are allowed to help them. It is a tremendous privilege. We help them to celebrate and grieve, to deal with the details, and to carry on with life after they face the reality of death. It is a privilege for which I am thankful.

… for new possibilities

The possibilities of 2023 might look a little bleak, but they could just as easily be great. I want to choose to look for the best and be thankful for everything. To go into 2023 looking for new possibilities and opportunities, and to be thankful for every little blessing I enjoy.

So, from all of us at the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, we wish you a peaceful Christmas and a very happy New Year.