Every year, our Name a Star Christmas trees are put up in local branches of the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, including Geo. Paskell of Manningtree, JK May of West Mersea, and Janet C Davies of Braintree and Kelvedon. They are more than seasonal decoration. They’re an opportunity to remember and give thanks for the loved ones we miss at the most family time of year.

Christmas can be hard

We all know that Christmas can be one of the hardest times following a bereavement. We miss the people we love who have died and tend to see the space they leave rather than the joy of the season. And it doesn’t only happen in the first year after their death. Every year, those of us who have lost people we care about miss them at the time we would usually share with them.

Professionals and experts tell us that it’s usually best to acknowledge those feelings and do something to mark the occasion. It helps us move on without forgetting.

Name a Star

Our Name a Star Christmas trees are decorated with specially made silver stars, each one dedicated to the memory of a person who is loved and missed, most especially at Christmas.

You are invited to get in touch with, or visit, your local Hunnaball branch and to dedicate a star in memory of your loved one, to be hung on the tree in that branch. The more people who do it the more stars will cover the tree. By Christmas Day, each of the trees will be smothered with stars which act as memories and prayers of thanksgiving.

It doesn’t matter to us whether you engaged our services as your funeral director or not, you’re still invited to Name a Star. We simply want to stand with you in your grief in the hope that it will help make Christmas a little bit more bearable.

We remember with you

During December, at some point, each branch will hold a short service of dedication for their Name a Star, when thoughts and prayers will be offered with the dedicated stars as a simple act of remembrance.

Name a Star has become an important and valuable part of our life as a funeral director since it began, as it has for many individuals and families in the run-up to Christmas.

If you want to know more, or to dedicate a star, please drop in to, or contact, your local branch during December. Our amazing team of compassionate professionals will be very pleased to help you.

We wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a very happy New Year.