Choosing a corporate charity

As a business, we support lots of different charities. These include health charities, hospices, bereavement support, foodbanks, and a host of local community groups. In addition to these, the members of our work family, who are in our branches all over Essex and Suffolk, support charities which are close to their hearts.

However, this year, we also wanted to focus our combined efforts as a company with branches and locations all over Essex and Suffolk, on helping a charity which benefits the region and supports people in need.

To decide which of the many worthy causes we would support as a company, we asked our entire team (who we often call our work family) for nominations. Then we put the most popular nominations to the vote, among both front of house and support staff. By an overwhelming majority, they chose Mind.


MIND is a network of local mental health charities which come under a national umbrella. In the areas where we have branches, our local Mind groups are Mid and North Essex Mind and Suffolk Mind. They work supporting people of all ages in their mental health and advocating good mental health. They have amazing teams of employees and volunteers who work with people when they need real help, as well as to raise funds, and especially awareness.

We look forward to partnering with them both in 2023, supporting a number of their projects and programmes. We will also be asking for them to work with our work family in the area of training and support of mental health.

Mental Health Matters

In the work we do as funeral directors we see first-hand the pressure on people’s mental health when they face a bereavement. But we are also very aware, and concerned, for the positive mental health of the people who work for us and with us, something that has become more obvious in our society since the pandemic.

Mental health matters, so please watch this space for opportunities to join us to engage with, learn from, support, and raise funds for Mid and North Essex Mind and Suffolk Mind.