To help celebrate our 40th anniversary year, we wanted to say thanks to some of the people who’ve played the most important part in our story… our work family. Over the years they have worked so hard across Essex and Suffolk, located in various branches and support hubs, to serve families and loved ones with true compassion and professionalism. We are so grateful for all they’ve done and contributed over the years.

A party

So, on Saturday 2nd September, we hosted a special party at the Colchester Rugby Club and invited friends and colleagues, past and present, to join us in raising a glass, sharing memories, looking to a bright future, and generally having a good time. It was a wonderful evening and such a privilege to share it with the people we work with, as well as to see some of those who’ve helped make the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group what it is.

Honoured guests

We also invited some honoured guests. Barry Pritchard, the serving President of the National Association of Funeral Directors, took time from his hectic schedule to attend with his wife Yvonne. He shared some encouraging words, as well as letting Trevor once more try on the chain of office which he held proudly during his term of office in 1995. Sir Bob Russell, High Steward of Colchester, and good friend to many, came to add his best wishes, as did our good friend and Executive Director Damian Culhane. And, of course, there were the Hunnaball family themselves, the men and women of the Hunnaball work family, and some faces from the past, like Janet Davies, who worked with us to establish our Braintree and Kelvedon branches.

Great fun

A great deal of thanks were offered and a bright future was anticipated during speeches, but with the help of the DJ, and the crooning of our own Graham Long, Funeral Director, our wonderful team danced and laughed the night away and simply had lots of fun.

We can’t say often enough how grateful we are for the people we work with, both family and team. And for our appreciation that their hard work has helped us to become established as one of the largest family funeral directors in the East of England. But more than that, our impeccable reputation for compassion and professionalism is upheld and cherished by them, every day.

We hope the photos give just a taste of the fun we had.