Every person is different

Every person is one-of-a-kind, and everyone wants to reflect the uniqueness of the person they love in the funeral they arrange for them. Most families still want a funeral service which has traditional aspects and will be recognised as a funeral by the people attending, but they also want to include elements which reflect the person they have lost. One way to reflect their individuality is through the choice of coffin.

A wide choice

Some coffins and caskets are simple, others more ornate. Coffins might be highly polished or simply waxed. They can be made of alternative materials, like wicker or cardboard, or more traditional woods, like oak or walnut. Some have elaborate handles and others simple ropes, and there are any number of other options which might be suitable. Simply talk to your funeral arranger and they will help you to choose.

Contemporary coffins

In recent years, there’s been an increasing fashion for coffins which have images printed on them to reflect the interests and personalities of the people they carry. There are many popular images; beautiful views, flowers, sports team colours, footballs, and any number of others. They can even be bespoke reproductions of photos or locations which mean a great deal to the family. The Hunnaball Family Funeral Group call them Contemporary coffins and we partner with the excellent Colourful Coffins to provide coffins and caskets with almost any image or pattern.

Colourful Coffins are a family business, like our own. They offer massive scope for grieving families and friends who wish to customise the coffin of their loved one. Their tagline is, “As individual as you,” and they say, “We’re often told that having one of our beautiful, bespoke designs for a loved one brought a smile to their face on a very difficult day.” We heartily agree. There are a great many families who have chosen a Contemporary coffin and found that it helped them to say goodbye in a more personal way.

The choice is yours

With their help, we can offer a wide range of Contemporary coffins in a variety of materials; including wood and cardboard. The people at Colourful Coffins care about the work they do as much as we do, and they believe that choosing one of their coffins is a wonderful final gift. Their range doesn’t just include pictures, they also provide caskets decorated with glitter, crystals, or carved with initials or other designs. They have caskets of different sizes too, including children’s coffins, American caskets, and a full range of containers for cremated remains.

All the branches of the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group have information about our Contemporary range of coffins, as well as actual examples. Our funeral arrangers are compassionate and professional, and will be very happy to discuss the options and help you to imagine something different to make a difficult day more special.