There are a huge number of options following a cremation, but the question has to be, what is best for you and the cremated remains of your loved one?

Laying the remains of your loved one to rest can be a big decision which takes time to finalise. That’s why our branches have a sanctuary where cremated remains can be safely and securely kept, until a decision is made about what to do next. However, eventually, a decision will need to be made, and when you’re ready, your local funeral arranger will be here to offer support and advice. Here is an outline of some of the options.


Perhaps the most traditional way to lay cremated remains to rest is by burial. Very often it will be in a graveyard or cemetery, perhaps with a family member or partner who has already passed away, but it might also be in a garden or other venue. There is a wide variety of caskets to choose from; made from a variety of materials like wood, cardboard, and wicker, as well as those decorated with pictures or carvings on the outside. We also offer a wide range of permanent memorials from our specialist memorial department, specific to cremated remains.


Another traditional way to lay cremated remains to rest is by scattering. Scattering ashes can take place almost anywhere; from football grounds to a favourite woodland… but you must get permission. It’s also important to remember that the volume of cremated remains is significant, so scattering must be undertaken carefully. A scatter tube will help, and we offer a wide range of beautiful scatter tubes; from plain colours to specific images that might reflect the interests of your loved one.


A popular choice is to use a little of the cremated remains as part of a special keepsake that will always be close to you. Options can include jewellery, ornaments, vases, and paperweights, and your local branch has more information. You can also find out more on our website, as well as view a brochure. The choice is entirely up to you, and we will help in any way we can.


Some families like to keep the remains of the one they miss at home, and we are able to supply a range of urns and containers to suit any preference. Most of our branches have samples to help you to choose.


The sky is literally the limit when you’re choosing how to deal with the cremated remains of a loved one. We partner with Dynamic Fireworks, who will incorporate cremated remains into fireworks so they can be sent off with a spectacular bang. Please ask your local funeral arranger to explain this option to you.

A nautical send off

As an island nation, we have long had an affinity to water and some people can think of nothing better than to make their final journey on the sea. We can offer a personalised service to help scatter your loved one’s remains at sea, and there are also specialist biodegradable caskets to facilitate casting the entire remains in one container into the sea.

We are here to help

Whatever thought you might have about cremated remains, the best thing to do is talk to your funeral arranger and they will help you to make your choice a reality. No matter how ‘out there’ you might think your wishes are, we will always listen and help in any way we can.