Light a candle

Light a Candle is the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group’s series of commemorative events, organised annually by our local branches to serve their communities. We consider each event to be an important part of our work, and they certainly play an important role in the lives of many of the bereaved families and friends we work with. Light a Candle is a chance to remember, reflect, to quietly celebrate a life and to create a steady light in the darkness.

Our events usually take the form of a church service, involving members of our local branch team, funeral celebrants and clergy, family members, and specially invited performers. They provide an opportunity not only for our own clients, but for anyone who has lost a family member or friend and would like to remember them. Our Light a Candle events are open to everyone and offer space for reflection in the middle of our very busy lives.

Whether your loss is recent or a very long time ago, a family member or a friend or colleague that you knew only briefly, these events are for you. We all need to remember special people we have known and lost from time to time.

Details of upcoming Light a Candle events are below. Please do join us. If you would like to know more, simply contact your local branch. Everyone is welcome.

Forthcoming Light a Candle Services

Braintree (Janet C Davies) – 3pm, 8th May 2022. St Mary’s Church, Bocking.