Funeral transport

Whether you choose to have a modern hearse, the grandeur of a Victorian horse-drawn hearse, or the fastest motorbike hearse in the world, we have a selection of funeral vehicles to choose from to transport the coffin. There are many other types of specialist hearses available, from a vintage Routemaster London bus or fire engine; or a brewer’s dray pulled by Suffolk Punches, to a steam traction engine.

Our funeral fleet

We have a superb fleet of silver Mercedes hearses and limousines, which add great style and dignity to the funeral cortege. The six-seater limousines have a glass partition to add privacy for the passengers, and our liveried chauffeurs are trained in cortege driving skills. We can also supply a choice of Ford Galaxy people carriers, if required.

Victorian horse drawn hearses

Our elegant black Victorian hearse is drawn by a magnificent pair of black plumed Friesian horses; and the white hearse is drawn by a matching pair of greys. They are dressed in brass decorated harnesses and black or white plumes, and driven by traditional liveried coachmen and grooms.

A matching carriage is also available for mourners.

Motorcycle hearse

For the ultimate send off, we have a choice of ‘The Big Three’‚ The Classic British, Japanese Super-Sport and the American Dream.

These specially designed motorcycle hearses, including the Suzuki Hayabusa, described as the world’s fastest-accelerating hearse, the classic Triumph and the iconic Harley Davidson add a unique dimension to that final journey.

Black hearse and limousines

If you would prefer a black funeral fleet, just ask, and we will hire the vehicles in for you.

The story behind MIB – It’s not what you think!

So many people comment on our MIB number-plates that we thought it was about time we put the record straight.

Back in the 1980’s we acquired a sequence of MIB registration from Ireland, and over the years as we added to the fleet we continued to buy registration numbers with the MIB prefix.

Then in 1997 the first Men in Black movie was released, and from then on everyone assumed that we had used the ‘Men in Black’ brand as a deliberate link to our own men in black. Nothing could have been further from the truth, but in the ensuing years our distinctive number-plates have certainly become a talking point! We currently have a fleet of 25 vehicles bearing the MIB registrations.