Update on Covid-19 and the impact on funerals

On this page, we aim to keep you up to date with regard to the effect of Covid-19 on the way that we must arrange and conduct funerals.

As new information is issued by the Government, we will do our best to explain the implications.

Covid update May 2021

Latest news

The government have announced that, as from May 17th 2021, the previous legal limit of 30 mourners at a funeral service will be removed. However, everyone must be aware that social distancing is still in place. Therefore, the actual number of mourners allowed at each venue will vary, according to the size of the venue and the decision of the management.

Each crematorium, cemetery and place of worship will make its own decision on numbers and we, and our clients, will have to comply. It will almost certainly lead to a rise in numbers, but, for the foreseeable future, numbers will by no means be unlimited.

Please talk to your funeral arranger to find out what will be allowed after May 17th at the venue you are using for a funeral. You can find the contact details of every one of our branches on the website.

Please, stay safe.

The Hunnaball Family



April 2021

Light at the end of the tunnel

It’s been a hard year, but at last there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. The Government roadmap is starting to unfold and things are looking up. Yes, there are still number restrictions for those who may attend funerals, and social distancing, mask-wearing, and other precautions are still in place, but there is reason for optimism.

For example, from the 12th April, up to 15 people may attend a funeral reception or wake in an outdoor, COVID-secure hospitality venue or community venue (such as a community centre or place of worship). The rule of 6 is also back… allowing six people from different households to meet outdoors, or any number from two households. Whilst these are still pretty limited in comparison to more “normal” times, they do allow those who wish to gather together following a funeral service the opportunity to do something, even if it’s very small.

However, there are still a great many necessary restrictions in place, to help safeguard the population from COVID.

All Hunnaball staff have been given clear instruction to wear masks and keep social distance at every opportunity, whether they are funeral operatives at a service, or members of staff in one of our branches.

Limousine provision has been warmly welcomed by many families, although there are a number of necessary safety precautions we continue to carefully observe. Partitions must remain closed, only 4 passengers per limousine, the wearing of face-masks, observing social distancing and careful cleaning.

The funeral director will discuss the restrictions which are current with our clients when they make their pre-funeral call, and they’re more than willing to answer any questions.

For now, visits to our branches continue on an ‘appointment only’ basis, and most of our contact with clients must be, out of necessity, over the phone. Those who do make arrangements to visit our branches are still required to wear a mask, unless medically exempt from doing so.

We know that our branch staff really miss seeing people face to face… as do we all. As things stand, we hope to welcome clients back without the need for appointments soon, depending on Government advice. Although there will obviously still be the requirements for social distancing, face-masks, and some other restrictions in place.

Things are improving slowly, it’s true… but they are definitely improving. In the meantime, if you would like to contact one of our branches, simply look here.

We are so proud of our work family. They have worked incredibly hard, shown great understanding, and are always compassionate. Of course, these virtues have always been evident in the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, but during the pandemic they’ve shown more clearly than ever.

Thanks also to our amazing clients, who continue to show both consideration and understanding during the most challenging of times.

Better times lie ahead and, as vaccines are administered and more people are protected, we hope and pray that we will all be able to return to a more normal life soon, when families and friends can both commemorate and celebrate without fear or restriction.

Please contact us if you’re uncertain about how the new restrictions might affect you. Email [email protected] or call your local branch.

Many thanks,

The Hunnaball family

We’re still operating

We are an essential service and will continue to deliver the best care we can, with due regard to all measures necessary to adhere to Government and National Association of Funeral Directors guidelines for Covid-19.

We would like to reassure everyone that our Directors, Senior Management, and all branch and funeral teams are being diligent with our high standards of hygiene and all the additional measures we have implemented to ensure the health and safety of our colleagues and clients.

If you are unclear about what the current tier system means for your locality, there is some helpful information on the UK Government website.

Our Branches

Due to Covid-19 restriction, we are only accepting personal callers by appointment.  Please contact your local branch for assistance.

Arranging a Funeral

In order to protect our colleagues and yourselves, we kindly request that arrangements are made by telephone and e-mail if possible.

Our Chapels of Rest

All of our Chapels of Rest are open to visitors.  We do ask that you always make an appointment, and please restrict the number of people attending at any time to two close family members or friends. Safe distancing and hygiene measures are in place.

The Funeral Service

All local crematoria have restricted the numbers of mourners attending.  Many churches and places of worship are closed for funerals. Your local branch has all the updated information. Safe distancing and hygiene will be observed by all our funeral directors and staff.


Our memorial department is open and operating, but please be aware that there are restrictions in place. Please contact our memorial department directly for more advice and information.

For more detailed and specific information, please contact us and we will be able to explain everything to you. We are all working very hard to ensure you receive the best service we can provide in these concerning and uncertain times. As always, our staff continue to deliver an exceptional, informative and safe service for our clients.

We thank you for your trust in us, and for your understanding and co-operation.