The Funeral Ceremony

A funeral ceremony is a traditional rite of passage, and is part of the grieving process. A meaningful funeral service helps people to cope with loss, to comfort each other, and to celebrate a life. The ceremony can take many forms, and can be religious or non-religious. What is important is that it is the right choice for the person who has died, and for their family and friends.

Offering you the right choice

A funeral or memorial service is a reflection of your cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs. It also reflects the personality of the deceased and the loved ones who are planning the service. As such, every funeral is unique. However, there are elements that are common to most funerals.

Readings or poems, music, a eulogy or tribute to someone’s life all play an important part in creating a memorable occasion. These elements are not all necessary, and will depend on personal preference and the traditions associated with the type of ceremony. The ceremony can be held at a religious venue or a crematorium; at a graveside or at any suitable location – a hotel, village hall, or even at home.

All faiths, or no faith

Our ethos is to be all things to all people when it comes to funerals. Our role is to ensure each and every funeral, of whatever faith, culture, ethnicity or belief is carried out with care, compassion and professionalism.

Christian Funerals

Christian funerals traditionally take place in the context of a church or crematorium, and include prayers, scripture readings and hymns.

A eulogy or tribute can be given by the minister or a family member or friend.

Non-religious and secular funerals

Non-religious and secular funerals are usually led by a celebrant, and they work with families to design a service that is customised to their particular needs, reflecting the life of the person who has died. Humanist funerals will have no religious content.

Multi-faith funerals

We are privileged to serve people of many faiths in our communities, and we have experienced colleagues who understand and respect the rituals and specialist requirements of our Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist families.

Other types of funerals

As contractors to several local authorities and health trusts, we are responsible for carrying out the funerals of those who have died in the community without family or funds. It is also our sad duty to care for babies who have died prematurely. These funerals are treated with the same level of care and respect as all our other funerals, and the ceremony is led by a member of the clergy.

We also carry out many other types of funerals, including Afro-Caribbean, Traveller and Military funerals. We can arrange home burials in a garden or on a private estate; funerals abroad, and burial at sea, which is restricted to three designated areas in UK coastal waters.

Whatever your choice, we are here to guide you through all the arrangements and to support you and your family at a time of need.

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