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Winter 2022 Newsletter

Name a Star at Christmas

Christmas can be a time when we miss those who we’ve lost, even in the midst of family, friends, and fun. It’s a time when we feel the absence of loved ones most clearly because we wish they were still with us.

While no one wants to dwell on such things at Christmas, it is healthy to take time to remember.

During the month of December, every branch of the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group throughout Essex and Suffolk, including JK May, Geo Paskell and Janet C Davies, will host a very special Christmas tree. Each Name a Star tree starts the month bare, but is filled with special silver stars as the days pass. Each star is dedicated to the
memory of a person, or people, who have died but still hold a place in our hearts.

We invite everyone, whether we were your funeral director or not, to drop by or contact your local branch and Name a Star in memory of the people who are still loved and missed, especially at Christmas.

To find out more, please visit our website or ask your local branch. Our thoughts and best wishes remain with everyone who has been bereaved, this Christmas and all year round.

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The Hunnaball work family are amazing, and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

We want every member of our team to fulfil their potential and find progression in their careers within the funeral industry.

That’s why we offer opportunities for our team to gain qualifications. We’re especially proud of the team members who gained qualifications during 2022, despite the extra challenges of recent times.

They’ve obtained these qualifications with both the National Association of Funeral Directors and the London Association of Funeral Directors.

All of them passed their exams, many achieved distinction, and one of them received national recognition.

Congratulations to Tracy, Cara, Leanne, Jenny, Alison, Wendy, Chelsea, and Dan. We have always known that they’re brilliant at their jobs, but their hard work has paid off and now it’s official!

The Hunnaball facility at Grange Way in Colchester acts as a centre of funeral industry training for Essex and Suffolk.

Working in partnership with the NAFD and others, we believe in giving everyone the opportunity to grow.

Find out more about working with us on our website.

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Our charity for 2023 is…MIND.

We gave our work family the opportunity this year to nominate and vote for a charity that we could all support across the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group during 2023.

Each of our local branches will continue to support their local communities and good causes, but as a business, we will also support this larger charity together.

We’ve found we can do even more to make a difference when our incredible work family have a united focus for their energy and efforts.

This year our team have chosen MIND, the amazing mental health charity. They work to support and empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem with advice and support. They also campaign to improve mental health services, raise awareness, and promote understanding.

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Their work has been particularly important in Essex and Suffolk, and some of our own work family have reason to be grateful for their work. We are delighted to be backing them in 2023.

MIND say; “No one should have to fight alone”, and perhaps with our help they can be there for even more people who need support and advice.

Direct cremations… did you know?

For anyone who’s watched daytime TV recently, you can’t avoid adverts for direct cremations. A direct cremation is a budgetfriendly funeral with no formal ceremony.

It removes many of the costs associated with a traditional funeral but takes place without any family or friends in attendance.

Direct cremations aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they are becoming more common.

Did you know… as your local funeral director, we also offer direct cremations? Using a local funeral director for a direct cremation means that your loved one is cremated nearby, rather than transported to a different part of the UK. This benefits the environment, but also means that you can be sure your loved one is treated with the utmost dignity and respect.

Every funeral that we organise, including a direct cremation, is handled with real compassion and professionalism. We know that we are dealing with people and, to us, people matter.

You can find out more about our direct cremations on our website or ask in your local branch for information.

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