Name a Star 2020

If there is any time of year when we miss our loved ones most, it’s Christmas. Therefore, our traditional Name a Star commemoration is still going ahead this December, despite COVID restrictions. There are, however, a few necessary changes to the way we usually do things.  

We understand how hard it can be for families and friends during the festive period. To offer a little extra support, each year, all of our branches put up specially dedicated Christmas Trees of Remembrance for ‘Name a Star’. Then they invite clients, partners and friends, to dedicate a special star in memory of the person (or people) they miss most at Christmas, and hang the star on the tree as an act of memorial. In this way, during December, the Trees of Remembrance fill up with shining memories of the people we miss the most.  

Our Name a Star Trees of Remembrance are a beautiful Christmas tribute to our loved ones, and a reminder that, in the midst of the sparkle and fun, we continue to miss and remember the people we love.  

Ordinarily, people would be invited to pop into their local branch, say hello to the friendly staff, and personally dedicate a star to their loved ones. It’s a great opportunity to see a friendly person who understands a little of what we feel and, for some people, has become an important annual ritual in the run up to Christmas… But, with COVID restrictions the way they are, popping anywhere has become a major risk and undertaking. 

Therefore, this year, we’ve made alternative arrangements. Since it’s not possible to ‘pop in’, we are asking everyone who wishes to ‘Name a Star’ to call their local branch on the phone instead. Talk to a friendly staff member who will write a dedication on a star on your behalf. Then they will hang the star on the specially dedicated Tree of Remembrance. 

We know that this year’s Name a Star will be very different. But we hope it will still be special (and that we will be able to go back to normal next year). We look forward to hearing from you soon and, whatever you do this year, hope you will have a blessed Christmas and a far better New Year. 

Please, call your local branch today and Name a Star.