Her Majesty The Queen, Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022)

Monday 19th September 2022 was a deeply moving, historic day for the entire nation and Commonwealth. As HM Queen Elizabeth II was commemorated and laid to rest, billions of people all over the world joined together to mourn and give thanks for the life of a woman of impeccable service and character.

On that day, as a mark of respect, the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group continued to serve grieving families and loved ones. Funerals which were already booked were carried out, our first response team answered call outs, and our 24-hour helpline continued to be staffed. However, we closed our branches to all but the most pressing need and, as far as possible, released our work family to join in with the commemorations of Her Majesty in any way they wished.

We want to state that we are deeply grateful to all of those involved in marking the passing of Her Majesty. They made the funeral and surrounding events an awesome spectacle and fitting celebration of her 70 years of service and self-sacrifice.

But we also want to say how very grateful we are to our work family for their support on the day of The Queen’s funeral, to the staff of the crematoria and cemeteries where we conducted services, and to the staff of hospitals, care homes, and the emergency services who continued to do their amazing work. We want to express our thanks to everyone who, even while the Queen’s funeral was taking place, supported, and cared for the bereaved.

If the royal family have shown us anything over the weeks surrounding Her Majesty’s death and funeral it is that a grief shared is something significant for each and every person involved. Whether that grief is internationally recognised at an event of State or a deeply personal vigil on behalf of the people who feel loss the most, it is precious and deserves to be acknowledged. Our thoughts and prayers remain with King Charles and the Royal Family, even as they go out to each and every family we serve, and continue to serve.