As times change, so does our perspective. And while traditional funerals are still a popular choice, there is a growing move towards direct cremations.

Direct cremations are more simple and less elaborate than traditional services, with no funeral ceremony. However, direct cremations are handled with the same commitment and compassion by our funeral directors as any other service we provide.

With a direct cremation, the deceased is taken to the crematorium usually in a simple, plain coffin. There is no need for embalming or other preparations for the body and the cremation will take place quickly at a crematorium, without attendees.

After the cremation, the ashes are released to the family to be scattered, or kept, as they wish. Alternatively, the deceased might request their ashes are scattered in a garden of remembrance which friends and families can visit.

A basic direct cremation appeals to people who don’t want all the trappings of a full funeral and due to their simplicity, they are cheaper than fuller, more formal services.

With a direct cremation, loved ones are spared having to make decisions on details such as transport, flowers and charitable donations at a time when they are coming to terms with their loss.

But having a direct cremation certainly does not mean there cannot be a celebration of life for the deceased. Friends and family can arrange a memorial service after the cremation but can do so without the time pressures of organising it immediately after the death. This allows time for consideration and more flexibility, especially where family members often live some distance away.

Before a direction cremation can take place, there is some paperwork which needs to be completed. Our experienced staff can guide you through the formalities and every step of the process as well as answer any questions you may have.

A pre-paid plan also allows you to both plan and pay for the cremation, protecting your family from funeral costs and difficult decisions.