For all of us here at Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, providing the highest levels of care for grieving families throughout their time of need is always a priority. Alongside the emotional impact of planning a funeral for someone you’ve lost, we’re very aware that the associated financial burden is often an additional concern for many; in fact, one that is growing more and more common.

Since 2021 it’s been a requirement from the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) that all Funeral Directors in the UK must clearly display a standardised list of funeral costs both in-branch as well as online – allowing potential clients to be able to easily understand and compare prices of the most basic services on offer.

We do this, of course, but not ‘only’ because it’s a requirement. Rather, we feel it’s part of our duty of care to the people we serve. It is very important to us that the entire process of planning a loved one’s final journey is as straightforward and stress-free as possible; being upfront and transparent with our prices and payment terms – as well as our processes and services – is one of the many ways we can achieve that.

Whatever type of funeral you opt for, our team makes sure you know exactly what to expect at every step of the process. Ensuring that the costs of each individual element of your chosen funeral is clarified and itemised means that you know exactly what is, and what is not, included, giving you complete visibility over what’s coming, with no surprises or undisclosed costs arising at a later point.

We do know very well what a worry the cost of a funeral can cause for families – and this is a concern that we aim to address from the very beginning, ensuring that you know all of the options available so that you can make the right choice for you and for your budget. Having all your choices and the associated costs laid out clearly can help make a difficult decision that much easier, especially during such an already-stressful time.

If you’re starting the process of funeral planning and concerned about costs, we are here to support, and can advise ways for managing the financial aspects. We work with our partners at Funeral Safe to offer funeral finance solutions, allowing costs to be repaid in monthly instalments over 12 months to 5 years, with no early settlement fees. Read more about this on our recent Cost of Dying blog post.

With Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, when it comes to your loved one’s final journey, the simple approach is no less meaningful and whether you’re choosing a traditional burial and funeral ceremony, a no-frills unattended direct cremation followed by a gathering of friends and family at a later stage, a green/woodland funeral, or something else, you’ll receive the same dedicated service from our team to make the occasion truly special.

Head to our Funeral Costs page to find out more about our pricing structures and the range of standard packages available to you – and our CMA standardised price list, showing itemised fees for each option, can be found here.

Our compassionate team are always here to assist with information about funerals costs and more, helping to demystify the funeral planning process and guide you in creating a meaningful, personal send-off for someone you’ve sadly lost. Please do reach out on 01206 760049 or speak to the friendly team in your local Hunnaball branch whenever you’re ready.