Count your blessings as we Name a Star

As Christmas draws nearer, we thought we would spend some time counting our blessings.

First, we are blessed at the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group to have an amazing team. We’ve got through Covid, thanks in no small part to their ceaseless efforts. During the hardest times, they simply kept going, day after day, without grumbling, working incredibly hard, and never, at any point, letting the level of their service drop. Every one of them has cared for our clients with compassion and complete professionalism. They are phenomenal and we’re deeply thankful to have such a dedicated and skilled work family.

Second, as restrictions continue to relax, we’re so thankful, carefully, to welcome back to our branches real people. It’s so much easier for everyone involved in a funeral to be allowed to talk face to face, albeit at a social distance. It’s easier to communicate, listen, and show compassion to the families we serve in the midst of their grief.

Third, we’re thankful for smiles and tears. We must continue to wear facemasks for the safety of others, but when we’re settled in a meeting and able to remove the coverings, we can actually see the expressions on one another’s faces. Organising a funeral can, for obvious reasons, be a sad undertaking, but in the UK we smile often when we talk about our family. Even the family we’ve lost and miss so much. Face to face meetings are often punctuated by as many smiles as they are tears, and we feel so thankful to be allowed to share them.

Finally, we’re grateful to be able to engage with the community once again. For so long we’ve been locked in our offices, meeting online and talking on the phone. Now our teams are freer to meet families in person once more, support local charities, attend meetings, and make a positive impact on the communities we serve. We’re still taking great care with everyone’s safety, but it is very important to the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group that we play our part in making the locations we serve into the best places they can possibly be.

For Christmas, our Name a Star trees are in every branch of the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group, as well as a few other venues, from 1st December. We warmly invite everyone to visit one of our branches, dedicate a Christmas star to the memory of someone you love and miss, and hang it on the tree. If you feel unable to do that because of health concerns… simply ring your local branch and one of the friendly funeral arrangers will be delighted to name a star on your behalf.

We are looking forward to 2022. We believe and hope it will be a better year for everyone… not without challenges, but safer and calmer all round.

Merry Christmas and a very happy 2022 to all our family, colleagues, friends, and customers!

The Hunnaball Family Funeral Group star, available in every branch.