Usually, during the Spring, the staff and directors of the Hunnaball Family Funeral Group (or the Hunnaball work family, as we’ve come to call them) gather together for a celebration of the work and achievements of the previous year. It’s an opportunity for all of us to eat, laugh, have a bit of fun. We also present awards to members of the team and celebrate their achievements… and we love it.

Even Funeral Directors need to relax and it’s is one of the highlights of our year.

But this year, COVID has ruined that too.

2020 was a year when all of the Hunnaball work family worked harder than ever, under more restrictions than ever, and with more challenges than ever… and we can’t even celebrate their contributions.

They have all been amazing. The first responders, office staff, arrangers, funeral directors, area managers, stonemasons, memorial fitters, maintenance staff, embalmers, company directors, and everyone else in the Hunnaball work family… All of them have done an incredible job, under very difficult circumstances, to serve their clients with the same diligence, care and attention to detail as they always have.

So, this year, the award for Outstanding Contribution goes to… all of them.

There’s no way we can pick out any individual this year, because every single member of the team has gone way above and beyond anything we might expect from them. Thank you!

And so, because we couldn’t gather for a meal, we used the budget for the party to buy each member of staff a special Spring Hamper of goodies from The Wine Centre in Great Hawksley. It’s not quite a meal, but it is something out of the ordinary as a heartfelt thanks for them to share with their families and loved ones.

Let’s hope that 2021 carries on improving, and that next year we will be able to gather together once more, in person, to eat, drink and celebrate one another’s contributions.