When I first started out in the funeral industry, 65 years ago, there was really only one type of funeral on offer, a church funeral. In those days, no matter who you were or what you believed, you were given a religious service. Now, as a society, we are far more aware of the diversity around us and aware that it is of great importance to acknowledge the lives and experiences of individuals, and to celebrate their uniqueness.

Funeral services

It is a very positive thing, in my opinion, that the diversity of individuals is, in 2022, reflected in the provision of funeral services, which are bespoke and reflect the life and ideas of the person who has died.

One can still have a religious funeral, no matter what religion you might be. We work with Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pagans, and anyone else who asks to arrange funerals which reflect the person they commemorate. And we arrange funerals for those who have no faith too, or those who want to acknowledge the traditional beliefs of their culture, even if they did not follow them themselves.

People are rightly proud of their cultural roots, which are not always based in their faith, and we do everything we can to enable them to arrange a funeral in the way they want. For example, we’ve served Afro-Caribbean families by arranging a hearse which was white, racing families by organising a parade of cars, Traveller families by keeping the Chapel of Rest open for extended periods, Military families by arranging a bugler for the last post, families of young people by organising rap or heavy metal music, and so much more.

The diverse aspects of the lives of the deceased can be acknowledged in a funeral, no matter how different or non-traditional it might be. This is true whether they’re LGBTQ+, Scouts and Guides, Freemasons, football fanatics, train drivers… the list could be endless.

One size does not fit all

65 years ago, who a person was in life was not necessarily reflected in their funeral… now it can be. Whether through the choice of venue, music, video, transport, coffin, celebrant, or anything else, the diverse nature of the life and personality of a person can be accommodated and celebrated, to help their family and friends remember and commemorate the real person they love and miss.

Diverse wishes

In fact, even those who don’t want a funeral are now able to have their wishes catered for with a direct cremation. Whatever and whoever you might be, our wonderful team of compassionate and professional funeral arrangers and conductors will help to put together a funeral which reflects each individual. And with a pre-paid funeral plan, you can also give detailed instructions as to what you might like at your funeral.

The funeral industry is more able and willing to deliver the care and service that people need than ever before, and that can only be a good thing.