Direct Cremation / Unattended funeral

from £2,050.00

Direct cremations take place without any family and friends in attendance or an accompanying chapel service. They can save money and fuss, allowing those who grieve an opportunity to arrange an event to celebrate their loved one at a time most suitable to them.

Arranging a direct cremation with a local family funeral director means that compassion and dignity are of primary importance, and that your loved one is treated as an individual throughout the process. Our team of trained professionals will always treat your loved one with the same respect and care as they do for every funeral we arrange. We keep them safely in our own facility until the cremation can be conducted, as soon as possible, at one of the local crematoria which we regularly use. After the cremation, their cremated remains will be returned to the appropriate branch for collection, where our team are always happy to offer advice and guidance with urns, keepsakes, and memorials, among other things.

Direct cremation is a cheaper alternative to a traditional funeral and is also available as part of a pre-paid funeral plan. Please click here for more information about direct cremation.