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CMA/basic funeral

from £2,160

As a professional funeral director, we are required to publish costs for our basic funeral package which is known as the CMA/Basic Funeral. This includes our professional services, a suitable coffin, and provision of a suitable vehicle direct to a local crematorium or cemetery. Please click here for more information.

The CMA/Basic funeral is delivered with our usual high-quality professional service, care and attention, but contains fewer elements than our Traditional Packages. There is also less flexibility in regard to distances, use of facilities, choice of time and date, and the number of operatives on the day of the funeral. You can add elements to the CMA/Basic package, but you may find that our Traditional Funerals represent better overall value.

Bespoke funerals

Individually priced

A bespoke funeral allows you to add or remove anything from the traditional funeral packages described above. Each element will be priced and quoted for individually, to make up your unique, tailored package.

Bespoke funerals are often chosen when families or friends wish to express something truly individual about the deceased and may involve unusual forms of transport, out of the ordinary venues, a unique casket, unlimited access to the Chapel of Rest, live musical tributes, or anything out of the ordinary which reflects a culture, tradition, career, hobby or interest.

Whatever you would like, we will do our utmost to make it happen.

Traditional funerals

from £3,445 - £4,555

Most people opt for what we call a traditional funeral. This doesn’t mean its old fashioned, but it does include many of the elements we would traditionally expect to see in a funeral. Traditional funeral packages range from Bronze to Platinum, largely determined by your choice of coffin.

Traditional funeral packages include meticulous, respectful, and dignified care of the deceased, from the moment our first response team collects them, until they are safely laid to rest, or their cremated remains are returned to you. Care and preparation of the deceased includes embalming, which we normally recommend. Our Chapels of Rest are available to allow you to spend time with your loved one in advance of the funeral.

Each package includes all of our professional services as funeral directors; our expertise, advice, support, and guidance. We will make all your arrangements, deal with documentation, liaise with all the third parties involved, and administer any charitable donations. (Third-party fees can range from £1200 and £1400 for doctors, celebrants, crematorium, cemetery, etc.). We will guide you through every detail and decision.

We will give you the widest possible choice of time and date for the funeral at your chosen venue or venues.

On the day of the funeral, we will provide a hearse, bearers, and funeral conductor who make sure that everything goes according to your plan, from start to finish.

In addition to our funeral packages, we can help after the funeral with memorials and keepsakes. You might find it helpful to read our ‘After the funeral’ page.

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